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This Is Us

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We were raised here amongst the mossy knolls and the salt spray. As kids there was no place that was safe from discovery. I rode horses into the untreaded forests and found that being lost in the lush evergreens was something my soul needed. Both our souls (my husband Edward & I's) grew intertwined with the branches and roots of the island. 


We left the rock as was expected upon graduation and went out to discover the world. We learned many things but like some island kids in the city we got lost in the hustle. When our daughter was born those deep salty roots, vast evergreens and steadfast community lured us back. We dropped out of mainland life, and we came home to the island to raise our daughter within our own island tribe. 


Many adventures have happened since our return. Many businesses have been launched. We seem to figure out ways to meet the needs of both the island population and the visitors. We face different kinds of challenges every day, but our daughter beats her own drum within the chaos of this tribe we call our own. She finds those mossy knolls, breathes the salt spray and makes forts in the evergreens. We let her get lost until she wants to be found. We let her soul find the freedom that we once needed to become the people we are today. We wouldn't change a thing. 

Life is good here. Life is incredible. We still hustle, but we hustle for what we want to hustle for. I am not sure if we found our people (our coworkers that have become our family) or if they found us, but with them we have created Olga Rising. A new branch has sprouted (the Olga Rising branch), and we are all finding new ways to reach the sun - together. 

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